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Wine makers / Olive and essentials oils producers

We can develop for you a “tailor made” product to your own specification.


A key date in the fabrication of Cosmetics’ made with olive oil.’olive

Our solid soaps

Our range of solid soaps made with an olive oil base and essential oils such as lavender, mint, peppermint, calendula, citruses (clementine, sweet orange, tangerine), palmarosa…

and also…

a full range of skin friendly products




Natural fragrance


chemical preservative

our liquid soaps

A skin friendly product only made with natural perfumes and no other product added. We use olive oil in high concentration it gives our soap moisturizing and rejuvenating qualities. It is chemicals and foaming agents free and fully adapted to all skin types even the most sensitive ones.

our dry oils

Made with organic olive oil. Can be applied and massaged on face, body or wet hair.